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CHESAPEAKE SWORD: a Chronicles of the Great Peninsula seriesBy Dusk Peterson

One of their worlds can't possibly exist. The problem is figuring out which one.

Chesapeake Sword is a fantasy romance series about travel between different times on parallel worlds.

The series is part of the Chronicles of the Great Peninsula cycle.



Swordsman in a Small Town (Volume 1 of Chesapeake Sword)

He is a prince from a war-torn land in the Great Peninsula. She is an Internet enthusiast from a small town next to the Chesapeake Bay. A god's wish will bring them together.

Elihu is in trouble. Deprived of his rightful heritage and pursued by killers, he desperately seeks refuge. When his rash prayer transports him to a deceptively peaceful town, he must make sense of the tremendous transformation he has undergone.

Persis has spent nearly all her life on the Internet. A chatterbox online, she just can't seem to connect with people face-to-face. She had hoped that moving to a small town would give her a life beyond the screen, but she seems doomed to live alone forever.

Then she rounds a corner and finds herself facing a swordsman. . . .

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Map and series resources

Map of the Three Lands of the Great Peninsula.

The Great Peninsula: series resources for Chronicles of the Great Peninsula. This page includes a chronology of events and a pronunciation of proper names.

Shared Universes: Works set in the Great Peninsula world by other authors and artists.

Progress report: status of upcoming stories

Updated April 2018. All titles and ordering are tentative at this point.

Swordsman by the Chesapeake Bay (volume).

Other stories in the series aren't yet written.

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