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    November 1997

    St. George's Vicar Appointed Moderator of Diocesan Council
    The Mission Times (St. George's Episcopal Church)

    The Right Rev. Ronald H. Haines, Episcopal bishop of Washington, announced at the October meeting of Diocesan Council his intention to appoint the Rev. Michael W. Hopkins as the next Moderator of Diocesan Council. Father Hopkins is vicar of St. George's Episcopal Church in Glenn Dale. The appointment will be effective in February upon confirmation by the full Council. The announcement is being made early, the bishop said, so that an effective transition can be made.

    Father Hopkins will succeed Dr. Linda Freeman, a parishioner of St. Luke's, Bethesda, who has been Moderator for the past four years. The Moderator is the Chairperson of the Council's Executive Committee and effectively the "Senior Warden" of the Council. The Bishop is the President of the Council. Diocesan Council is the chief decision-making body of the Washington Diocese between the yearly Diocesan Conventions. It is a mixture of elected and appointed persons, clergy and lay, from throughout the diocese. Father Hopkins has been the elected clergy representative from Region 5 since 1993.

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