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This site lists by geographical location any leather and BDSM magazines and newsletters that place at least part of their issue contents online. It also lists online leather columnists.

Gay, lesbian, and pansexual magazines are listed. Purely heterosexual magazines are not listed. Pansexual magazines do not necessarily have substantial gay/lesbian content.

Leather is a gay male subculture centered upon the wearing of leather clothing. Some leathermen practice sadomasochism. The word leather is sometimes also used to refer to lesbian or heterosexual sadomasochism.

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This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson. Fiction by Dusk Peterson is available, including leather fiction.


Many of the sites linked below have warning pages intended to keep out underage visitors and visitors who would be offended by the contents. Sites without warning pages may also include content that is unsuitable to minors. Parental supervision is recommended for minors visiting this site.

Dates indicate the issues online; other issues may be available in print.

Some of the magazines below are indexed at Leather TOCs: Tables of Contents for Leather Magazines – that is to say, their contents are listed and summarized, and related links are given. If you are seeking such magazines, do a Find search here on >>> or go to that site for a list of titles.

If you know of a publication that could be listed here, or if any of the information below is incorrect, please contact Dusk Peterson.

Sexual orientation codes: G = Gay. L = Lesbian. P = Pansexual (mixed orientation).

Visitors seeking a directory of leather organizations should consult one of the following sites:

European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs: Clubs (European).

The Leather Journal: Club Directory (international). Club Listing (international).

Leatherquest: Clubs and Organizations (United States).

Lesbian Sex Mafia: Women and Trans BDSM Groups (international).

MSC London: Links (European).

Women's SM Leather Conference: Links (international).

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Sydney Leather Pride Association: Leather Nerve. Current issue. [G, L]


The Dominant's View. Current issue, with issues #15 onwards archived (dates unknown). This is a large site; the easiest way to find gay or lesbian material is through keyword searches. [P]

London Spades: London Spades Agenda. 1998. [G]

Mr. Leatherman Toronto: Leather Line. 2002-present. [G]

Northern Sash! In English and French. (No longer online.) 2003-2005. [G, L]

Perceptions (articles not online). Mainstream newsmagazine with leather content. Columnists: Douglas Connors (Mr. Leather Ottawa-Outaouais 2003), Joanne P. Law, Scott Bryen (Mr. Edmonton Leather 2003), Steeve Gauthier, John Pendal (International Mr. Leather 2003). (Home page.) [G, L]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Vancouver Activists in S/M: SCENE. 2004-2005. (Site's warning page.) [G]

Vancouver Men in Leather: The Leather Post. 2004-present. [G]


Association Motor Club Rhône-Alpes: MCRA Publication (PDF file). In French. 2004. (Site's warning page.) [G?]


Leder- und FetischCommunity (LFC): Stiefel-Online. In German. 1998-2004. [G?]


Motor Sportclub Amsterdam: Koplamp. English-language summaries available for each issue. 1999-2004. [G]


Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo: Lenka and SLM (click on "SLM-bladet"). SLM incorporates Lenka, MasterPiece, and FootZine. Lenka is in Norwegian. SLM is in Norwegian and English. 2000-3. [G]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

United Kingdom

East Mercia MSC: Messenger. Current issue. [G]

MSC Hallamshire: MSC Hallamshire Newsletter. 2003-4. [G]

Rubber Man's Club: Rubberband. Current issue. (No longer online.) [G]

SM Bisexuals: Ungagged. 1999-? [P (bisexual)]

United States


BDSM News. Searchable archive of news in the mainstream media. [P]

Brat Attack: The Zine for Leatherdykes and Other Bad Girlz. Selected articles online. 1991-1994. In order to see the linked pages, you may need to copy the URLs for the pages and plug them into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. [L]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Checkmate. 2001. For online issues, follow the link to Leather TOCs. [G]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Cuir Underground. See especially the table of contents. 1994-98. [P]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Drummer. Sample pages from 1986, 1987, and 1990. From the Leather Archives & Museum. [G]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

DungeonMaster. Sample pages from 1979-80. From the Leather Archives & Museum. [G]

International Gay and Lesbian Review. Mainstream journal with leather content. [G, L]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Journal of Sex Research. Mainstream journal with leather content. [P]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Leather Archives & Museum: Leather Times. 2003-present. [G, L]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

The Leather Journal. No articles online, but various resources available. [G, L, with some P]

Leather Journey. 2004. [P]

Leather Online. 1997. [G, L] Leather columnists from the U.S. and Europe. Current columns and archived columns. Columnists (some no longer archived): Robert Davolt (San Francisco), Steve Lenius (Minnesota), John Pendal (International Mr. Leather 2003), Andy Mangels (Portland, Oregon), Ryan Goldner and Scott Reikofski (Philadelphia), Jack Rinella (Chicago), Sensuous Sadie (Vermont), david stein (New York City), Mistress Matisse (Seattle), and Fetish Diva Midori (San Francisco), Mauro Montoya (South Florida), Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean. [P with an emphasis on G] Gay News; Lesbian News; Heterosexual News. Regional, national, and international news, as provided by leather columnists. Includes audio. Current columns and archived columns. (Site's warning page.) [P with an emphasis on G]

Metropolitan slave (articles not online). (Home page.) [G]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: Media Updates. News in the mainstream media, with an emphasis on legal issues. 2003-present. [P]

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: NCSF Notes. 2003. [P]

National Leather Association – International: The Link. Current issue. (Site's warning page.) [P]

Pervgrrl. 2002-3. (No longer online.) [L, but with much G and P]

SandMUtopian Guardian. (Home page.) For sample articles, follow the link to Leather TOCs (Site's warning page.) [P]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Simply Service. "Written by and for those in service-oriented relationships." Archived at the above URL; distributed monthly through a Yahoo Groups e-mail list, SimplyService. 2005-present. [P]

Tom of Finland Foundation: Dispatch. Devoted to the topic of erotic art, especially in relation to Tom of Finland and other leather artists. 1994-2004. (Site's warning page.) [G, with some P]

Trident International: Trimest. 2004. [G]

True Tales: Gay Leather News, Narratives, and Fiction. 2005-present. [G]


Great Lakes Den. International, national, and Midwestern news on the leather and bear communities. 2005-present. (Archives of 2001- early 2005 no longer online.) [P, especially G]

Midwest Bound. 2005-present, with limited archives of 2004 articles. [P]

New England Leather Association: The Scarlet Leather. 2001-3. (Site's warning page.) [P]

Primal Threshold. A bar rag for Southern leathermen. 2002-current. [G]

Southwest Conference of Clubs: Conference Connection. 2002. (Site's warning page.) [P]

Twilight Guard: Guard Post. For leathermen, bears, and those in the fetish lifestyle in Connecticut and New York State. Current issue. (Site's warning page.) [G]


The Last Frontier Men's Club: The Pipeline. 2000-4. [G]


Arizona Power Exchange: APEX News. Current issue and previous issue. (Site's warning page.) [P]

Desert Dominion: Desert Dominion News. 2001-present. (Site's warning page.) [P]


Alameda County Leather Corps: The Leather Ledger. 2002-2004. [G, L]

All Women of Leather: Special Goodies. 2004. [L]

Brat Attack – See National/International.

Cubs Club of California: The Snuggler.  A newsletter for submissive bears. 2004-present. [G]

Cuir Underground – See National/International.

Drummer – See National/International.

Marcus Hernandez: Mister Marcus. Leather columnist for the Bay Area Reporter since 1971. 2005-present. [G, L]

Spectator Magazine. Alternative sexuality magazine with leather content. 1997-present. [P]


Tom Santomartino: Leather Beach. Columnist for Letters from Camp Rehobeth. 1999-2000. [G]


SigMa: Submissions. Current issue. [G]

True Tales – See National/International.


Orlando Munch: Power Lines. 1998-present. (Site's warning page.) [P]


National Leather Association – Atlanta: Divergence. 1997. (Links to 1998 issues are broken.) [P]


Jack Rinella: LeatherViews. Leather columnist for Gay Chicago Magazine. 1992-present. [G, with some Pansexual]


National Leather Association – Indiana: Leather Times. 2003. (Site's warning page.) [P]


Wichita Organization of Leather Fetishes, Inc.: WOOLF Watch. 2004-present. (Site's warning page.) [P]


Louisville Nightwings: Louisville Leather News. Current issue. (Site's warning page.) [P]


Ambush Mag. A GLBT magazine with extensive coverage of local leather news. Columnists: Brad Benedict. Eric A. Crabtree. drake Higginbotham. Lord Jared. Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain. Wally Sherwood. 1997-present. [G, L]

Knights d'Orleans: The Knights News. 2002-3. [G]


CUFSmaine: The CUF Link. 1997-2004. [P]


ShipMates: The Ship's Log. 2004-present. [G, L]


Nimbus Michigan: Nimbus Michigan Newsletter. (PDF file). 2004. [G]


Steve Lenius: Leather Life. Leather columnist for Lavender. Current column. [G?]


Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA): NewsLink. Sample articles are online. See also NewsLink's 15th Anniversary, which has articles from early issues of the newsletter. (Site's warning page.) [G]

Rochester Rams, M.C.: The Battering Ram. 1999-2003. (Site's warning page.) [G]
>>> This publication is indexed by Leather TOCs.

Syracuse Men's Club (SMC): Manacle. 1998-99. [G]


OhioSMART: SMART News. 1998-2005. [P]


Philadelphians MC: Philadelphians MC Newsletter. 2003. [G, L]


Tsarus: Times of the Pyramid. 1996-2000. [G]


Different Strokes: Different Strokes Newsletter. 2003-4. (Site's warning page.) [P]

National Leather Association – Austin: NLA – Austin Newsletter. 1996-97. (Site's warning page.) [P]

SAADE: SAADE Gazette. Current issue. Older issues are available by replacing the URL for the current issue with the appropriate dates (for example, changing 2005_05 to 2005_04) or by going to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and plugging in the URLs found on the Gazette Archives pages. [P]


Seattle Men in Leather: Seattle Men in Leather Newsletter. 2004-present. [G]


Dusk Peterson's other leather writings.


For research questions concerning leather magazines and newsletters, you should contact the Leather Archives & Museum. Comments, corrections, and questions about this site may be sent to Dusk Peterson.

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