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A gay leather magazine that published nonfiction and fiction by such authors as Phil Andros, John Preston, Anne Rice, Steven Saylor, and Larry Townsend, as well as the works of a number of important leather artists, including Robert Mapplethorpe. Drummer ran from 1975 to 1999.


Selected tables of contents list compiled by Leather TOCs. Currently indexed: #20-60 (1977-1983).

Drummer: Tables of Contents. [S]


Leather Lit: Excerpts from Drummer Magazine's Narrative Nonfiction. From True Tales. [S, W]

Sample Pages from Drummer. Sample pages from 1986, 1987, and 1990. From the Leather Archives & Museum. [A, S, W]

Eyewitness Drummer. By Jack Fritscher. Resources related to Fritscher's contributions to Drummer, including extensive reprints and a history of Drummer. See also Fritscher's account of Drummer covers. [A, S, W]

Interview with editor Jack Fritscher. By the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation.

Interview with publisher Robert Davolt. By LeatherWeb.

Interview with publisher Robert Davolt. By SCENEprofiles.

Letter by publisher Robert Davolt (scroll down to "November 3rd"). From Aubrey's Playroom.

A Hell of a Run: Leather Publishing and San Francisco. An article by Drummer publisher Robert Davolt on the decline of leather magazine publishing. Includes quotations from the first Drummer publisher, John H. Embry. From

Interview with editor Aaron Travis (Steven Saylor). By The Austin Chronicle.

Missing Institution #3: Drummer Magazine (skip down). Comments by Guy Baldwin on the loss of Drummer to the leather world, as part of an essay on the decline of Old Guard values. From

Tony DeBlase: A Tribute. Information on one of the publishers of Drummer, including an interview. From the Leather Archives & Museum.

Interview with Tony DeBlase. By Jack Rinella. Includes a paragraph on DeBlase's takeover of Drummer. Skip down to "on to Drummer".

A Videography of Scott O'Hara: Slaves for Sale and The Joys of Self-Abuse. Two brief excerpts from a porn star's autobiography, describing films shot in the Drummer offices. [A, S, W]


This list of prolific contributors is based on the tables of contents indexed so far. The list does not represent all of the magazine's prolific contributors.

Aristide. Humor.

George Birimisa AKA G. B. Misa (1924- ). Fiction.

John H. Embry AKA Robert Payne. Publisher and fiction.

Ed Franklin. Reviews.

Jack Fritscher (1939- ). Editor, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. [A, S, W]

A. Jay. See Allen J. Shapiro.

Charles Kerbs AKA MATT. Illustrations. [A]

Jason Klein (1949-1981). Fiction. [W]

MATT. See Charles Kerbs.

G. B. Misa. See George Birimisa.

Jim Moss. Photography, photo editor, and other staff positions.

Charles R. Musgrave. Illustrations and nonfiction.

A-Jaques Ottis. Cartoons.

Robert Payne. See John H. Embry.

Jack Prescott. See John Preston.

John Preston AKA Jack Prescott, Yank (1945-1994). Fiction, nonfiction, reviews, and photography.

John W. Rowberry (1948-1993). Editor, nonfiction, and reviews.

Allen J. Shapiro AKA Al Shapiro, A. Jay (1932-1987). Illustrations and comic. [A]

David Sparrow (1945-1992). Photography.

Larry Townsend (archived at Advice column and fiction. [A, S, W]

J. Trojanski. Reviews, fiction, and photos.

Walden. Cartoons and illustration.

Bill Ward (1919-1998). Illustrations and comic. [A]

Ken Wood. Illustrations and cartoons.

Yank. See John Preston.

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