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Leather TOCs lists the tables of contents (TOCs) of leather magazines and newsletters, and provides additional information such as brief summaries of articles. The site contains many related links, including links to online leather magazines and newsletters.

Leather is a gay male subculture centered upon the wearing of leather clothing. Some leathermen practice sadomasochism. The word leather is sometimes also used to refer to lesbian or heterosexual sadomasochism.

This site lists tables of contents for leather magazines, which often publish information on sexuality or have erotic content. Some of the tables of contents include strong language and/or explicit references to sexuality. Parental supervision is strongly suggested for minors visiting this site.

Leather TOCs is part of The Leather Research Reference Shelf.

This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson. Fiction by Dusk Peterson is available, including leather fiction.

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Below are the titles of the magazines and newsletter that are indexed at this site. If you wish to browse by the publication's location, go to the companion site to Leather TOCs, the International Directory of Online Leather Magazines and Newsletters, which also lists print-only publications indexed at this site.

Each page linked below contains a description of the magazine, a link to the magazine's tables of contents, and links related to the magazine. Some pages also list the magazine's prolific contributors.

Magazines that have published a goodly number of well-known leather authors and artists are marked with an asterisk. All of the publications, including the club newsletters and regional magazines, are chosen because they publish content that is of general interest, even to readers outside their target audience.

The Battering Ram (Rochester Rams, M.C.). Gay. Club newsletter.

Brat Attack. Lesbian. Regional zine.

* Checkmate. Gay. National magazine.

* Cuir Underground. Pansexual. Regional magazine.

* Drummer. Gay. Commercial magazine.

International Gay and Lesbian Review. Gay/lesbian. Mainstream journal with leather content.

Journal of Sex Research. Pansexual. Mainstream journal with leather content.

Leather Times (Leather Archives & Museum). Gay/lesbian. Organizational newsletter aimed at a national audience.

Metropolitan slave. Gay. National newsletter/magazine.

Perceptions. Gay/lesbian. Mainstream newsmagazine with leather content.

* SandMUtopian Guardian. Pansexual. National newsletter/magazine.

SLM: Scandinavian Leather Men (Skandinavisk LærMagasin). Gay. Regional magazine.


Dusk Peterson's other leather writings.


For research questions concerning leather magazines and newsletters, you should contact the Leather Archives & Museum. Comments, corrections, and questions about this site may be sent to Dusk Peterson.

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