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Transcend is an independent, interfaith site linking to articles related to gay, lesbian, and pansexual (mixed-orientation) leather spirituality. Articles that are in favor of leather spirituality are linked at this site, as well as articles that are opposed to leather spirituality.

Leather is a gay male subculture centered upon the wearing of leather clothing. Some leathermen practice sadomasochism. The word leather is sometimes also used to refer to lesbian or heterosexual sadomasochism.

This site carries links related to the leather community. Some of the links are intended for adults only. Parental supervision is recommended for minors visiting this site.

Transcend is part of The Leather Research Reference Shelf.

This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson. Fiction by Dusk Peterson is available, including leather fiction.

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Ashram West (Hindu Tantra).
Black Leather Wings (Pagan).
The Defenders (Catholic).
Living In Leather Arizona (interfaith).
People of Leather Among You (Metropolitan Community Churches).


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For research questions concerning leather magazines and newsletters, you should contact the Leather Archives & Museum. Comments, corrections, and questions about this site may be sent to Dusk Peterson.

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