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This site provides a documentary biography of John Preston, a noted gay author from New England, and collects links to online writings by and about him.

By way of the Preston Project, the site also collects remembrances and documents by and about the author.

Parental guidance is recommended for this site. This site was updated in May 2012. See the What's New page for details of the latest updates.

This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson. More nonfiction and fiction by Dusk Peterson is available, including gay fiction. More GLBT-related sites are available at this domain.

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Where Do You Start?

If this is your first visit to Topman, you may find the size of the site daunting. Here are some suggestions on where to start.

If you know little or nothing about John Preston, The Life and Writings of John Preston provides a short introduction to him. You can then read Preston's online writings and interviews and his friends' memories of the author. If you would like to know about events in his life, visit the documentary biography, Topman's Timeline. If you're a person who's oriented toward pictures or sounds, you'll want to visit the section devoted to images and recordings. Afterwards, if you'd like to know more, return to this page to browse through the sections below or go to the following page:

Site Map

What's Available at This Site


A short introduction to the life and writings of Preston, comments about the origins of this site, an explanation of the word "topman," and information on Topman's editor.

In His Own Words: Online Writings by John Preston and Interviews with the Author

What most of you are here for.

Tributes and Online Resources

Memories of Preston by his friends, awards and honors, a bibliography, information in foreign languages, and other online resources.

Topman's Timeline: A Documentary Biography of John Preston

Events in Preston's life, as revealed through a timeline linking to period documents and remembrances of friends and colleagues.

John Preston in the News

The latest news about reissues of Preston's books, and other information that appears in the press.

Books by John Preston in Alternative Formats

Books in audio format, large print, electronic text, and braille.

Images and Recordings

Photographs of Preston, a gallery of covers of American and foreign editions of Preston's books, other images, and recordings.

Acknowledgments and Index of Contributors

An alphabetical, linked list of remembrances at this site. Also lists individuals and organizations who have contributed to Topman and the Preston Project.

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