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Mr. Preston Advertises


By John Preston

[In early 1980, issue #34 of Drummer magazine carried part six of "Mr. Benson." In the same issue, the following advertisement appeared in the New York section of Drummer's classifieds section. It ran for several issues.]


Invites you to submit your application as one of his slaves. You will be expected to humbly submit to his physical and psychological demands. Your explicit letter must be accompanied by a photo. Jack Prescott, Box 465.

[In January 1980, a similar ad appeared in the classifieds section of DungeonMaster.]

From the creator of Mr. Benson:

My slaves have experienced levels of submission you have only dreamt about. If you are finished playing games, if you want fantasy to become reality, and if you are willing to physically and psychologically submit to my demands, apply: Jack Prescott, 26 2nd Ave., 2AF, New York, NY 10003.

[In 1981, at a time when Preston was living in Portland, Maine, with his slave Jason Klein, issue #44 of Drummer carried the following advertisement in the Maine section of its classifieds.]

PORTLAND, SM [sadist/masochist] couple seeks third or other couple in Portland ME. Master is 6'1", slim, uncut and demanding. Slave is 5'10", cut and pierced. Box 1329

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