Subtext: rare litfic ¶ By Dusk Peterson

When I can bully my reluctant Muse into helping me, I write gen fan fiction and slash fan fiction: I borrow other people's characters and settings and create my own tales. Those of you from outside the fan fiction community may know this process by a different name: folk literature.

Most of my fan fiction comes from obscure literary fandoms. In other words, I write rare litfic. I'm especially incline to write friendfiction. I also write original fiction (original gen, original slash, and a bit of original het): in those stories, I create my own characters and settings.

The line between my fan fiction and my original fiction is hazy. I've listed below, not only my fan fiction, but also my original fiction that I know was inspired by other people's writings. (In other cases, I can't trace the source of my inspiration for my originalfic, or the sources are too many to list). I've labelled each story so that you can tell which is fan fiction and which is original fiction.

I've listed some of my literarily inspired originalfic alongside my fanfic in order to make a point: No author writes in a vacuum. Any author who claims that their writings are 100% original just hasn't been honest with themselves about their sources of inspiration.

My second point is: The line between alternate universe fanfic and originalfic can be invisible. Many of you AU authors may be writing original fiction without knowing it.

You don't need to be familiar with any of the fandoms in order to read my stories. I design the stories so that they can be read on their own, without reference to the canon writings.

All stories listed below are by me. Where possible, I also link to the websites of the authors whose writings inspired mine.

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Stories Inspired by Other Authors' Writings


Sylvia Engdahl

Remy Hart

Guy Gavriel Kay

Ursula K. Le Guin

Maculategiraffe aka Sabrina Deane

Susan R. Matthews

Patricia A. McKillip

The Phantom Menace ¶ Inspired, not directly by the movie, but by fan fiction written about the movie.

Mary Renault

Mary Stewart

Rosemary Sutcliff

Subtext Series

Cold Stars. The prince was told that he must find himself. But what if finding oneself means losing one's love?
     ¶ Read the story onlineRead 'Cold Stars' at AO3
     ¶ Data: 5,000 words | Slash | Earthsea fandom.
     ¶ Reviews: None yet. If you have thoughts about the story, why not share your perspective with other readers by writing a review at your favorite social network, blog, or website?

Revenge. Revenge is sweet . . . unless you are haunted by dark memories of your own misdeeds.

     ¶ Read the story onlineRead 'Revenge' at AO3
     ¶ Data: 5,000 words | Gen | Tigana fandom.
     ¶ Reviews: None yet. If you have thoughts about the story, why not share your perspective with other readers by writing a review at your favorite social network, blog, or website?

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