BURIED TREASURE ¶ Recommendations of Online Male Homoerotic Stories and Male Friendship Stories (and anything else that catches my interest)By Dusk Peterson

Visitors should be aware that some of the sites linked at Buried Treasure are intended for mature readers and viewers. But not nearly as many as some of you would like.

This directory is maintained by Dusk Peterson, who writes male homoerotic stories and male friendship stories.

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I read an interview recently in which an editor of professionally published fiction stated that virtually no well-written amateur fiction exists in the world. Shortly thereafter, he made clear that he was basing this claim on the quality of his slushpile (unsolicited manuscripts). That explained a lot.

Here, then, are a few of the jewels that the pro editors have never seen, poor things. I've also included recommendations of online and offline writings by professional writers. You can judge for yourself whether those professional tales match up to the high standards set by amateur authors.

In addition to fiction, this site recommends videos, Websites, narrative poetry, and narrative nonfiction. Most of what I read falls into the category of male homoerotic stories or male friendship stories, but this site reflects my broad tastes; you'll find recommendations to other categories of stories here too, properly labelled.

As anyone who has read my stories can guess, I'm especially drawn to angsty, plot-driven tales that focus on strong emotional bonds between characters. An interesting theme or an ethical struggle can easily hook me into a story.

The word "homoerotic" simply means "homosexual" here, though a number of the stories do include erotic content.

If you would like to submit your own online male homoerotic fiction recommendations, Buried Treasure's companion site Private Parlor offers you an opportunity to do so. True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power is similar to this site, but specifically focusses on recommendations of homoerotic fiction, nonfiction, art, photography, music, and videos that center on masculinity and power. The Slash Skinny provides information on professionally published male and female homoerotic fiction.

I'm still searching for the perfect place to find male friendship stories.


Most of the books and e-books reviewed here were bought by me or borrowed from libraries, but occasionally I receive review copies from authors or publishers. I also follow up on "Ohmygod you've got to read this!" recommendations.

Companion Recommendations Sites

Private Parlor: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations by Guest Reviewers.

The Slash Skinny: Publishing News and Market Report on Original Slash.

True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power.

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