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Brat Attack

The Zine for Leatherdykes and Other Bad Girlz

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In the early nineties, five issues were published of this lesbian leather zine from San Francisco. Portions of the magazine are available on the Web. The zine published nonfiction on a variety of topics, such as body image, class, gender, and leatherdyke history. Among the contributors was former Drummer editor Wickie Stamps.


Selected tables of contents list compiled by Leather TOCs. Indexed: The Web versions of all issues. #1-5 (1991-94).

Brat Attack: Tables of Contents. [S]


Brat Attack: Home Page. (Issues are archived online. In order to see the linked pages, you may need to copy the URLs for the pages and plug them into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.) [S, W]


 Most of the contributors to Brat Attack used only their first names. Below is information on a few of the contributors.

Tala Brandeis. Nonfiction. [A]

Fish (skip down). Nonfiction, art.

Wickie Stamps (skip down). Nonfiction.

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