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Metropolitan slave

Table of Contents

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#1-23: Selective Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 4597, Oak Brook, IL 60522-4597


Unless otherwise noted, items in the tables of contents are nonfiction. The information below is based on the tables of contents indexed here and may or may not reflect the full run of the magazine.

Metropolitan slave (later renamed Metro slave) primarily published erotic and non-erotic nonfiction. It also published erotic fiction, erotic and non-erotic photography, interviews, and erotic drawings.

The following types of nonfiction were published in Metropolitan slave: lifestyle articles, classifieds, editorials, reviews (of magazine, organizations, books, and S&M devices), true-life accounts, and humor.

Metropolitan slave started as a quarterly newsletter and developed into a six-times-a-year magazine.  It was published on 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper. The cover of the newsletter was black and white; the cover of the magazine was red, black, and white on glossy paper. Early covers carried the slogan "Discipline, Obedience, Chastity." The inside was black-and-white on plain paper in the early issues; red, black, and white in later issues. The inner colors were used in the Letters and Classified Ads sections to distinguish writings by masters (in black) from writings by slaves (in red). Advertisements were printed in later issues of the newsmagazine and magazine, usually for small leather organizations.

Metropolitan slave followed a modern master/slave custom by upper-casing all references to masters and lower-casing all references to slaves (except in cases of masters or slaves who did not adhere to this custom).

Text in the early issues was often unattributed and appears to have been written by the publisher. Photos were likewise often unattributed, so they are generally not noted below.

The original tables of contents from Metropolitan slave are not reproduced below. Instead, the titles of the articles are given (with the author, where that information is available). Summaries of the articles are in brackets.


Volume 1
Spring 1993

[A note by the editor says, "This is actually not issue number 1, but more like issue number 1a. Thanks to Dave Rhodes, publisher of the Leather Journal and Luke Ownes, Editor of CUIR several changes were made." He goes on to list two changes: the price was lowered and a personals section was added.]

Publisher and Editor: jeb

Welcome to Metro: Our First Issue, Now What?! [Information about the magazine.] | 1

Definitions: What is a Metropolitan Slave? | 1

No Master? 7 Steps to Finding a Master | 2

This issue's Metropolitan slave [Photo. Photos throughout the issue used with permission of Telecentral Electronics.] | 3

Favorite Places for Metropolitan slaves [Subheads: "Resources." "Metropolitan Bar Warch." The Resources section lists Bulletin Board Systems.] | 4

Essential slave Reading [Information about the magazine.] | 5

Slaverals [Classified ads. "A slave is not a person - so it is 'slaverals'". Consists of a questionnaire and an application.] | 6

Make It Legal! Try A Contract to Formalize Things With Your Master | 7

A Story to Reward You For Reading [Fiction.] | 8

Volume 1
Summer 1993

Publisher: jeb
Editor: The Fly

Welcome Back to Metro [How to prepare yourself for a master.] | 1

This issue's Metropolitan slave [Photo.] | 2

Metropolitan slave Tortured and Whipped! [True-life account of a scene with Master Kurt of Los Angeles.] | 3

Metropolitan slave correspondence | 7

slave Rules. By Master Wayne. [The author describes the rules he would expect slaves to adhere to.] | 8

Cyber-Sex: A Virtual Reality Experience ["An honest exchange between a Master (J.D) and slave (mark) over the SM Board, a computer BBS."] | 8

The Metropolitan Review [Reviews of the book "A Metropolitan slave anthology," the magazine "Stubble," the magazine "Checkmate," and a 1983 audiotape, "Man to Man Talk: The slave information," by Master Frank.] | 9

Slaverals [Classified ads.] | 10

Essential slave Reading. By jeb. [Article encouraging fluid exchanges between HIV-negative masters and slaves.] | 12

Letter from a Master to His Disobedient slave [Description of a punishment.] | 12

Volume 1
August/September 1993

Publisher: jeb
Editor: Miley

Return of the slave. [How to find a master.] | 1

This issue's Metropolitan slave [Art from "the new art director," slave beau.] | 2

Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute. [Article on  a training and punishment institute in Chicago for slaves, run by "Metropolitan slave."] | 3

Metropolitan slave gets whipped at IML [True-life account of a scene with Master Jim at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago.] | 4

Branded on the Farm [Fiction. Art by beau.] | 6

Metropolitan slave correspondence | 7

Cyber Sex [Continued from previous issue.] | 8

The Metropolitan Review [Reviews of the organization Masters and Slaves Together, its newsletter "MASThead," the magazine "Pump It Up!" and the magazine "Tough Hide."] | 9

Slaverals [Classified ads.] | 10

Essential slave Reading. By jeb. [After reflecting on an article by Master Joseph Bean in "MASThead," jeb decides that references to HIV-positive status will be permitted in the classified ads of "Metropolitan slave," but references to HIV-negative status will not.] | 12

Dear Master [Fiction?] | 12

[Issue #4 not indexed.]

Volume 1
December 1993 / January 1994

Publisher: jeb
Senior Art Director: beau

Happy Birthday slave [Advice to slaves for the first anniversary issue of "Metropolitan slave."] | 1

This issue's Metropolitan slaves [Photo.] | 2

Win a weekend with the Metropolitan slave [Invites masters and slaves to have their S&M reported upon.] | 3

Special Commitment: Very Special! [Fiction. Art by David.] | 4

[Art by beau.] | 6

S&M Wedding. [Article imagining an same-sex S&M courtship, engagement, and ceremony.] | 7

The truth hurts! Non-verbal slave communicatons [sic] | 8

Whatever Happened to Master Kurt? [Reveals that the master described in #2 now bottoms as well as tops.] | 8

Credo of Commitment ["Adapted from, of all things, the Femina Society's Loyalty Creed."] | 9

Awakening your slave mind. By stan suckhole. | 10

A Master's Needs. By Panman. [Poetry.] | 11

Metropolitan slave letters | 12

The Metropolitan Review [ Reviews of the magazine "Bondage Recruits," the device The Ejaculator, and the device Dungeon in One.] | 13

Slaverals [Classified ads.] | 14

Essential slave Reading [Asks for sponsors for the magazine.] | 16

Another MsCI graduate [Letter from a Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute graduate.] | 16

[Issues #6-7 not indexed.]

Volume 2
Summer 1994

Publisher/slave: jeb
Senior Art Director: beau
Photographer: Terry Gaskins

Cover photo of slave Sean by Terry Gaskins.

This Issue's Metropolitan slave [Unattributed art with accompanying text about forced feminization.] | 2

[Photo of jeb.] | 3

Roots of a slave [Advice to slaves.] | 4

On Line slaves and CyberMasters [Article about the Metropolitan slave On Line BBS.] | 6

The Art of Sucking Cock With Reverence. By Master Jack. | 7

Tips on How to Give Better Head. By Pam Winter ["a pre-operative female to gay-male transexual" (sic)]. | 9

Master Cane Makes the Case for Adult Corporal Punishment. By Master Cane. | 10

Real life Corporal punishment ["If it's not OK to punish your slave consensually, is it OK to be whipped for a crime against the state?" An imaginary description of state-imposed corporal punishment, taken from the Internet.] | 12

Texas woman publicly flogged in Tehran, paper says [Reuters news item] | 12

The Daily slave - June 1, 1999. Slavery Restored! United States Renamed Elvis! President Declares Self Emperor! [Satirical account of an imaginary United States in which slavery is legal. Art by beau.] | 13

Ethics In Selection. Slave Petition. Part II: Essays. By Peter Kelley. [A sample slave resume, continued from issue #4.] | 19

A behind the scenes look at the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute. [Photo essay.] | 20

Slavo-Scope [Humor.] | 24

[Art by the HUN.] | 25

Metropolitan slave letters | 26

The Metropolitan slave [Review of the book "The Master's Manual," by Jack Rinella.] | 28

Say No to the Sex Police! NLA Spanner Defense & Education Fund [Urges readers to support a fund raising money to defend eight men in England who were sent to jail for consensual sadomasochism.] | 28

Classified Ads | 30

Volume 2
Fall 1994

slave Publisher: Jeb
Editor: Tawse
Art: beau
Photographer: Terry Gaskins

Cover photo of slave Sean by Terry Gaskins.

This issue's Metropolitan slave [Art by LES from a flyer of the 15 Association, a leather organization in San Francisco.] | 2

From the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute - jeb's Word [Article denying that the slogan "Safe, sane, and consensual" has any place in a long-term master/slave relationship. Includes a photo of jeb at the Mr. Drummer Finals 1993.] | 3

Time to buy a PC is now! [Article on the Metropolitan slave On Line BBS.] | 4

UMSC slave Just Says: "Yes!" To Coroporal Punishment, by slave jon [A letter to Master Cane, supporting his belief in the need for adult corporal punishment, and describing in detail the author's developing relationship with his master.] | 7

VC II (Continuation of fiction.] | 14

[Art by beau.] | 15

Punishment Versus Domestic Violence, by International slave 1993 Kit West [Article on how to distinguish proper punishment by a master from domestic abuse.] | 17

Inside the Metropolitan slave Correctional Insitute. [Photo essay of Sean by Terry Gaskins. Subheads: "The Offering." "A slave Confesses." "Hunk shaved!"] | 18

Unruly prisoners chained to bars for punishment, reports the Knoxville News-Sentinel [Quotes from news article; condemns abuse and describes what happened as "really hot."] | 20

Basic slave Training. By Master Roger. [Art by joey.] | 22

slavo-scope [Humor.] | 23

slave Certification program. [Ad for a program at the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute.] | 23

[Art by The HUN] | 24

Metropolitan slave Letters | 25

The Metropolitan Review [Reviews of the book "Physical Interrogation Techniques," by Richard W. Krousher, the journal "Steam," the book "The Black Book," the video "Learn the Art of Whip Cracking Made Easy," with Alex Green (hosted by Mark Allen), and the whips of Master Whipmaker Joe Wheeler.] | 26

Classified Ads | 29

Volume 2
Winter 1995

slave Publisher: jeb
Editor: Tawse
Art: beau
Photographer: Terry Gaskins

Cover photo of slave robert by Terry Gaskins.

This issue's Metropolitan slave's. [Art by Lawrence.] | 2

From the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute - jeb's Word [Advice to slaves.] | 3

New Mission for The MsCI: Master's to be provided source of slaves [Announces that the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute will seek to match slaves with masters.] | 7

Modern Gladiator [Fiction about the satirical society described in issue #8. Art by beau.] | 8

slave Training With the Obey Ray. By jeb. [Describes how to use a shock transmitter to train a slave.] | 15

MsCI slave Certification Program Graduates First slave [Describes the graduation of slave robert.] | 21

Basic slave Training. By Master Cane. [Describes a "committed slave."] | 22

The Truth About Spanner [Article about the English court case condemning men who had practiced consensual sadomasochism. Quotes at length a description of what activities occurred, as reported in "All England Law Reports."] | 23

[Art by the HUN.] | 24

Metropolitan slave Letters | 25

The Metropolitan Review [Reviews of the organization Light Blue Hanky Men and the event Panthen of Leather V in New Orleans.] | 26

Classified Ads | 28

Volume 3
Spring 1995

slave Publisher: jeb
Editor: Tawse
Art: beau
Photographer: Terry Gaskins

Cover photo of slave michael by jeb.

This issue's Metropolitan slave [Photo of jeb.] | 2

From the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute - jeb's Word [Whether most masters aren't physically fit, and how slaves should respond to such men.] | 3

For Masters ONLY! Read and find out what You may be doing wrong! a slave teaches Masters! by jeb. [Whether it's appropriate to discipline a slave on the first encounter.] | 6

The night. By SleazeMaster [Fiction. Art by beau.] | 8

slave michael latest MsCI Trained slave! [Photo essay of slave michael and slave scott.] | 15

Jack Rinella and a leather renegade [Interview of jeb by Jack Rinella. Discusses the mission of "Metropolitan slave: and jeb's criticism of the leather community .] | 19

Bring Masters and slaves Together - Year 3 [About the mission of "Metropolitan slave." Subheads: "Metropolitan slave Magazine." "Metropolitan slave BBS." "Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute (MsCI)." "Metropolitan slave parties."] | 22

slaves duel to the death! [Art by the HUN.] | 23

Mistress Johanna Makes Formal Debut at MsCI Party, January 13, 1995 [Article on jeb in drag.] | 23

Metropolitan slave Letters | 24

The Metropolitan Revew [Reviews of a Canadian slave training camp (Gryphon Gate in Toronto) and the magazine "Checkmate."] | 25

Classified Ads | 27

Volume 3
Summer 1995

slave Publisher: jeb
Editor: Tawse
Art: beau
Photography: Jan Lynch, jeb

Cover photo of Master Jack Stice and boy tom by Jan Lynch.

Metropolitan slave: Summer 1995 [Photo of boy tom.] | 2

From the Metropolitan slave Correctional Institute [Subheads: "Sorry, we are still in business". Describes how "Metropolitan slave" is an alternative to leather magazines. "The slave body." Advice on dieting. "slave placement update." Update on the magazine's slave placement program. "A special thanks to TLJ." Note of thanks to "The Leather Journal."] | 3

Man Vs. Machine. By SleazeMaster. [Fiction. Art by beau.] | 6

Chastity Belts - Which one is right for you? | 11

slave Woof's Chastity Training Regimen, by slave woof | 13

Slaves are Born to Slavery, by SlaveMaster [Subheads: "What is the actual process of being born to slavery?" "What is a born slave?" "What are the training sessions like?" "Who is a candidate for training for birth?"] | 15

International Master 1995 Jack Stice Speaks Out on the Master/slave Process [Interview. Includes photos of Jack Stice with International Slave 1995 boy tom.] | 20

Metropolitan slave Online BBS [Describes the bulletin board system's features.] | 22

Men fined for shocking. [Reprint of a Sun-Sentinel news article.] | 22

Metropolitan slave Letter | 23

The Metropolitan Review [Reviews of the magazine "Prison Life" and the book "Metrpolitan slave Anthology II"; erratum concerning the review of Light Blue Hanky Men in issue #10.] | 24

Metropolitan Slave Connections! [Classified Ads.] | 26

[Issues #13-20 not indexed. Volume numbers dropped by the magazine hereafter.]

April-May 1997

Publisher: Jeb
Editor: D. A. Miley

This issue's Metro slave: slave clint [Photo.] | 2

The "Metro slave" Philosophy: How to Make a Good First Impression on your New Master, by Jeb [Subheads: " Jeb Shits on Parades." Criticizes GMSMA as well as the leather community's support of prisoners in the Spanner case. "The Adult Chamber of Commerce." Short announcement about a chamber of commerce for the adult industry.] | 3

The Trial of a Marine Slave. By Jeb. [Describes the trail of a U.S. Marine who was discovered to be in a homosexual master/slave relationship, due to e-mails he sent to "Metro slave" via a military Internet server. The author describes how "Metro slave" was subpoenaed as a result of the trial.] | 6

Superccala-Pugilistic Sado-Masochism: A Reality Check at the Dungeon, by Jeb. [Subheads: "Rumour I - slaves for Sale!" Discounts a rumor that Metro slave Correctional Institute normally keeps slaves in its dungeons. "Rumour II - Shrine to Gacy." Discounts a rumor that the author keeps a shrine to serial killer John Wayne Gacy. "Stop by during IML." Invites readers to visit "Metro slave" at the International Mr. Leather festivities in Chicago.] | 9

Our slave history: slaves of The SS. By RT/Texas [Fiction.] | 10

Jeb Reviews . . . [Reviews of "Alternate Sources CD and Paperback," edited by Trevor Jacques, and the book "Surviving in Prison," by Harold S. Long.] | 14

Cock Sucker University: Part III, by Jeb [Fiction.] | 16

Index [Brief index to issues #1-20.] | 20

Letters | 21

Metro slave Connections! [Classified Ads.] | 24

[According to the publisher, issue #22 was issued by Special Issue #1, at the bottom of this page.]

1997 [No month given.]

Publisher: Jeb Birch
Editor: D. A. Miley

Metro slave Delayed One Month, by Jeb. [Apologies for lateness of the issue.] | 3

Two Colour or Full-Colour, by Miley [Asks how readers reacted to the previous full-color cover.] | 3

The "Metro slave" Philosophy: International Master and Slave Contest [Describes contest. Subheads: "Hellfire Correction." Erratum concerning previous story. "'Metro slave' for sale." Announces that the magazine is for sale. "Reaching Out." Asks readers when they think the next International Master and Slave Contest should take place.] | 4

Whip Discipline Contract [A real-life contract between a master and a slave for a brief period of punishment.] | 7

Leatherneck: In the Heart of Downtown Chicago [Describes Jeb's new bar.] | 8

Superccala-Pugilistic Sado-Masochism: What's New At The Dungeon, by Miley [Events at International Mr. Leather; electricity play.] | 9

Cock Sucker University: Part IV, by Jeb [Fiction. Art unattributed.] | 10

Another Stoopid Bottom: Fire Trap [Reprint of an article from the Los Angeles Times, for purposes of humor.] | 15

Our slave History: Another Beastly Sea Captain Murder [Reprint of an article from The Boston Cultivator, April 24, 1858.] | 15

Jeb Reviews [Review of the cartoon book "Gohr #2," by the HUN.] | 16

Index [Brief index to issues #1-21.] | 17

Letters | 18

Metro slave Connections! [Classified ads.] | 22

The Swim Meat: A Little Dare Will Do YA, by Miley [Fiction.] | 32

[Special Issue #1]
So, You Want to be a Slave? A Manual for the Modern, Consensual Slave, by Jeb
June 1997

Publisher: Jeb Birch
Editor: D. A. Miley

[The author notes that this is a new edition of the manual. The manual includes art by beau and unattributed photos.]

Read This, Slave! [Introduction.] | 2

What Kind Of slave Am i? [Qualities of different types of slaves.] | 3

Where Do i Find A Master? [Subheads: "Leather Bars." "Leather Functions." "Leather Clubs." "Computer On-line Services." "Periodicals" | 5

7 Steps To Finding A Master [Subheads: "Reduce your expectations." "Hang out where tops hang out." "Join a club." "Be a little aggressive." "Dress for success." Check out the classifieds." "know the difference betwixt fantasy and reality."] | 11

A Slave Petitions to Serve [Sample petition.] | 13

slave Chastity [Chastity belts.] | 16

Contracts and Rules | 17

slave's General Orders and Contract | 18

slave Contract - Short Form | 22

Temporary slave Contact | 23

Punishments | 25

Attitude = Etiquette = Desire [The right attitude for a slave.] | 28

Where Do you Go From Here? [Magazines to read.] | 30

Want More Masters? Become One! [Urges slaves to try being masters.] | 31

Becoming Feminized | 35

Metro slave Connections! [Classified ads.] | 39

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