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"Looking for Mr. Benson" Tee-Shirts are Sold


[The following advertisement appeared in issue #36 of Drummer in 1980, alongside a chapter from John Preston's Mr. Benson. The headline made reference to a popular movie of the time, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, about a lonely schoolteacher who cruises in bars and ends up in dangerous situations.]



Such is the popularity of Jack Prescott's series, MR. BENSON, that an official T-Shirt has made its way into the marketplace. There are three varieties (1) One of Mr. Benson's Boys, for all the willing, able and ready to submit to the legendary master; (2) Looking For Mr. Benson, to announce to the world and all lookers that your head is in exactly the right place; (3) Looking for Mr. Benson?, recommended for wear only by those men who have their psyche firmly together. This one is the invitation to all the hot young studs wearing shirt number 2.

The official MR. BENSON T-Shirts are hand silkscreened, white ink on black fabric, and are $10 each. They come in small, medium and large. And they're only available from: MR. BENSON, 430 East 11th Street, Box 18, New York, NY 10009. Wearing the T-Shirt is only the first step.

[The following advertisement appeared in DungeonMaster #5 in July 1980. It was accompanied by a Victorian etching of a man in his underwear, with a bulging crotch.]

Frustrated Because No One Seems to Understand What You Are Looking For? Keys and 'Kerchiefs Are Not Enough!

Spell It Out For Them With a Mr. Benson T-Shirt.

White On Black in 3 Styles

Looking for Mr. Benson!
(for those who are looking)

One of Mr. Benson's Boys
(for those who have been found)

Looking for Mr. Benson?
(for those who offer an answer to the quest)

Send $10.00 each and indicate style and size (S, M, or L) to:

Mr. Benson
Box 6592
Chicago, IL 60680

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